Anchorage Inventory
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Important Information

NOAA Chart Updates
Note carefully: Do not rely on these maps and photographs for navigation. The mariner must bear all responsibility for seamanship, equipment, and the use of proper navigational charts published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Chart updates are available online:

The Maps and Photos are those presented in A Guide to Anchorages in Southwest Florida, Second Edition (SGEB-48). Some photographs include a dashed line to show the preferred approach to each anchorage. On many images important navigation aides, signs, piles, and other structures are identified. Each map (or "chartlet") is oriented so the "way in" is up and includes a graphic showing the direction and extent of the associated photograph. Accompanying each chartlet is a "sheltered quadrant" diagram that indicates the directions from which an anchorage receives most protection from wind and wave.

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