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Site ratings
Storm protection: fair
Bottom holding: good
Scenic beauty: fair
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: medium
Recreational characteristics
Activites: fishing
day sailing
water skiing
beach combing
Qualities: clean water
Overall site rating: high
Shoreside profile
Natural: yes
Public access: no
Commercial access: no
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): yes
Small craft and water sports: yes
Anchoring: no
Size: small

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  • Minimum approach depth: 6 ft.

  • Depth in anchorage: 7 ft.

  • Lat 26 54.1' N

  • Lon 82 20.7 W 

  • (use Chart 11425 for navigation)

Off mile 40.6 on the ICW: 5.7 statute miles from Cape Haze, 3.3 statute miles to Englewood Beach.

   There are two anchorages, east and west. The east anchorage is between Thornton Key and an unnamed mangrove island to the north. The west anchorage lies at the southeast end of the channel between Peterson Island and Manasota Key.
   Stump Pass is dredged but not marked. Be forewarned: historically, the channel tends to wander and depths to change. The anchorage areas, however, have altered little over the years.
   The east (#I) is the preferred anchorage. To enter it, leave the Intracoastal Waterway just south of marker 17A on the well marked channel to the west. From green marker 5, veer south on the course line between the final pair of marks until the dock on Thornton Key is almost abeam to port. Swing in to the east, but don't turn too soon; a shoal is building out from the unnamed island to the north. Keep Thornton Key about 125 feet to starboard, then line up on the microwave tower on the mainland to the east.
   Anchor within 100 feet of Thornton Key. Depths shoal to 3 feet closer to the unnamed island. A Bahamian moor is advised, as strong tidal currents are the rule. Although there is less protection, good depths persist in a narrow curve toward green marker 17 back on the ICW.
   Sea grass beds and shallows lie to port and starboard. Shelter is good from northeast through northwest breezes, depending on where the hook goes down. Thornton Key offers great beach walking and a good dinghy beach on its northeast point.
   The west (#2) anchorage can be entered to starboard when the length of the cut is visible. Depths are about 6 feet up to a sign on the port shore designating the Port Charlotte Recreation Area. Beyond the sign, depths decrease to 3 feet. This place is known as Skier's Alley, for the large number of water-skiers who come here, especially on weekends and holidays. Protection is excellent, but unless it is a weekday or the weather is heavy, this site is best visited by dinghy. When using this anchorage, consider anchoring bow and stem to make room for the skiers.
   Vegetation at these anchorages is lush. The shores are undeveloped and lined with mangroves and Australian pines; bird life abounds. There is a county park on Manasota Key and the beaches of Knight Island border Stump Pass to the south.
   Northeast of marker 17A on the ICW is a marina with a well-protected harbor, offering every amenity including pump-out facilities.

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