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Sanibel/Point Ybel

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Site ratings
Storm protection: poor
Bottom holding: good
Scenic beauty: fair
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: medium
Recreational characteristics
Activites: fishing
day sailing
water skiing
beach combing
Facilities: entertainment
Qualities: clean water
Overall site rating: high
Shoreside profile
Natural: yes
Public access: no
Commercial access: no
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): yes
Small craft and water sports: no
Anchoring: no
Size: large

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  • Minimum approach
    depth: 12 ft.

  • Depth in
    anchorage: 15 - 20 ft.

  • Lat 26 27.3' N

  • Lon 82 01.7' W

  • (use Chart 11427 for navigation)22.3 Nautical miles from Doctor's Pass, 3.3 statute miles to Matanzas Pass/Fort Myers Beach, 4.5 statute miles to Punta Rassa.

   Between flashing red marker 2 and the 98-foot-high Sanibel Island Lighthouse on Point Ybel, you will find an excellent fair weather anchorage.
  Approaching marker 2, the anchorage comes abeam to the south. Cruise behind the shelter of Point Ybel, graced with tall Australian pines, and drop the hook within 100 yards of shore.
  Depths run 15 feet or more. Tidal currents are almost always present, and the deep channel and hard scoured sand can make for tenuous holding.
  Dinghy access is available on both sides of the causeway where it meets the shore, and about 400 yards east is an inlet to the Sanibel Yacht Club. Pumpout is available there, and a mile or so away is a delicatessen.
  Sanibel's beaches are famous for their large quantity and variety of seashells, which wash up on every tide. Its southernmost beach is a quick hike away.

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