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Safety Harbor

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Site ratings
Storm protection: good
Bottom holding: fair
Scenic beauty: fair
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: high
Recreational characteristics
Activites: fishing
day sailing
Facilities: shopping
Overall site rating: medium
Shoreside profile
Natural: no
Public access: no
Commercial access: yes
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): yes
Small craft and water sports: no
Anchoring: no
Size: small

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   This inlet between North Captiva Island and Cayo Costa is lovely and frustrating. The seaward passage is unmarked and full of shoals. Even the channel from the Intracoastal Waterway is flanked by unmarked shoals. But the interior reaches of Captiva Pass are deep and offer two delightful anchorages.
   The first anchorage lies south from the deep water adjoining the easterly reaches of Captiva Pass, just around the point from an almost landlocked lagoon called Safety Harbor. This once secret refuge used to house a fishing village. It has now been destroyed, with the exception of one stilt house restored as a private home. Safety Harbor is being developed as a modern housing and condominium complex called the Safety Harbor Club.
   The second anchorage, off the beautiful beach at the south end of Cayo Costa, a state park almost entirely in its natural condition, is popular with weekend boaters.
   There are two ways in to these anchorages. From the south, set course from just south of marker 48 at a heading of about 280 and watch for a break in the trees. Stay lined up on the break until the entrance markers to Safety Harbor are abeam. Turn left toward the well-marked channel, then stop and anchor near shore just northwest of the stilt house. It used to be possible to go between the stilt house and the beach into Safety Harbor itself, hut the passage has shoaled, making it impassable for all but shallow draft boats. Two restaurants. walking paths beautiful beaches and a general store make dinghying around the point worthwhile.

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