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Naples City Harbor

Site ratings
Storm protection: good
Bottom holding: poor
Scenic beauty: fair
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: medium
Recreational characteristics
Facilities: shopping
Qualities: hospitality
Overall site rating: low
Shoreside profile
Natural: no
Public access: no
Commercial access: yes
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): no
Small craft and water sports: no
Anchoring: yes
Size: small

The following extra downloads are available:

  • Minimum approach
    depth: 7 ft.

  • Depth in anchorage: 6-16 ft.

  • Lat 26 07.8' N

  • Lon 81 47.6' W

  • (use Chart 11430 for navigation)

  • 3.2 statute miles from Gordon Pass Green 13, 4.0 statute miles to Gordon Pass sea buoy. 4.85 nautical miles from Gordon Pass sea buoy to Doctor's Pass.

   West of marker 35, about 200 feet south of the Naples City Dock and north of the Naples Yacht Club channel, the city has installed a mooring field that is well protected in all but northeast winds. Eight mooring balls are available to mariners on a first-come first-served basis. There is no charge for mooring, and vessels may remain for up to 14 days out of any 30-day period.
  The chart shows 6-foot depths; some reports say less. Recent dredging of the yacht club channel also has altered depths. This area is small and is utilized by many varied interests in addition to the dock and the yacht club. Once the moorings are occupied no other vessels are permitted to anchor. You can call ahead to check availability (Ch. 16, 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM) but they can't be reserved and someone might still get there before you.
  The Naples City Dock accepts transients and has water and power connections. Gasoline, diesel fuel, showers, a laundromat, pump-out and a small ship's store are available.
  Many local attractions, supermarkets, banks and downtown stores are a short walk away. Other marine facilities and restaurants are nearby.
  If you find yourself heading back toward Gordon Pass and you're tired, there's a nice pool just west of marker 21 where you can put the hook down for the night if you're really well behaved. It's big but very residential.

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