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Site ratings
Storm protection: fair
Bottom holding: fair
Scenic beauty: fair
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: medium
Recreational characteristics
Activites: fishing
day sailing
Facilities: shopping
Qualities: clean water
Overall site rating: high
Shoreside profile
Natural: no
Public access: no
Commercial access: yes
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): no
Small craft and water sports: no
Anchoring: yes
Size: medium

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  • Minimum approach   depth: 9 ft.

  • Depth in   anchorage: 9 - 14 ft.

  • Lat 27 26.4' N

  • Lon 82 40.9 W

  • (use Chart 11425 for navigation)

  • Off mile 84.8 on the ICW. 11.6 statute miles from Sarasota/Bayfront Park, 11.8 statute miles to DeSoto Point/Emerson Point.

   From the gap between can buoy 39 and marker 40 on the Intracoastal Waterway, a wide swath of deep water stretches off to the west, leading to two popular, protected anchorages.
  To enter this haven, depart the ICW about 75 yards south of marker 40. Do not get too close to 39. There is a patch of shoal water west of this aid, which is encroaching on the ICW.
  The first anchorage, Longbeach, is on the tongue of charted 12-13 foot water stretching into a cove hard by the village of Longbeach. Minimum depths of 9 feet
  run to within 75 yards of the western banks and even closer to the northwestern shores. There is shoal water to the southeast, but there is plenty of swing room for boats up to 50 feet with excellent protection from all but easterly winds. A Bahamian moor is advised; this anchorage can become crowded.
  The surrounding shores are lightly developed, but two of the buildings are seafood restaurants, each with its own dock. A dinghy ride into Bishop Bayou ends at the rear of a large shopping center with cleats on the sea wall. A few blocks
  inland runs the main road on Longboat Key; across the road and about a quarter mile further is access to Whitney Beach on the Gulf. This wide beach is largely in its natural state; development is well back behind the dunes. It is often deserted.
  The second anchorage, Longboat Pass, is further northwest, just around the point from the restaurants and behind Jewfish Key, the thin, private island southwest of marker4l. This is an excellent anchorage if the wind is blowing from the northeast. Minimum depths are 9 feet and there is plenty of swing room. Watch for shoal water building westward from the north half of Jewfish Key.
  There can be strong tidal currents in each anchorage, so make sure the anchor is well set. Be careful not to anchor in the sea grass found in and around both anchorages.
  Though it is possible to leave this harbor by hugging close alongside Longboat Pass Bridge to go out the pass (as many small craft do) it is not recommended. Many boats have gone aground in the attempt. Go out south of Jewfish Key, the way you came in.

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