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Live Oak Point/Punta Gorda

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Site ratings
Storm protection: poor
Bottom holding: fair
Scenic beauty: poor
Tranquility: poor
Overall site rating: low
Recreational characteristics
Activites: fishing
day sailing
Facilities: shopping
Overall site rating: low
Shoreside profile
Natural: no
Public access: yes
Commercial access: yes
100% private: no
High Use or "Popular"
Low use (ie, "undiscovered"): yes
Small craft and water sports: no
Anchoring: no
Size: medium

The following extra downloads are available:

  Due north 650 yards from Green #3 in the Peace River you'll find Flashing Green #1, leading mark for a channel running into Edgewater Lake, a deep pool surrounded by homes.
  The channel promises depths of 6-7 feet but a bar at the entrance reduces the approach depth to 5 feet at normal mean low and 4 1/2 at mean low low. When the wind is blowing from the north deeper draft vessels should approach the entrance on a rising tide.
  No shoreside access or facilities, but great cover if you can get in. We include it here because it is the only fully protected area in this stretch of Charlotte Harbor. It is a "best behavior" short time anchorage.
  Northeast of Green 3, in anchorage #2, you will find reasonable shelter in breezes from northeast to northwest where 5 to 7 feet of water trends off toward Live Oak Point. You can dinghy from here to the east side of the point for shore access. (NOTE: If you do not plan to use the facilities, bring your dinghy up on the narrow sandy beach south of the raw bar-that's public land.)

  The third anchorage is just past marker 4 near Gilchrest Park in Punta Gorda. This location will give you shelter from breezes out of the south and a bit from southeast, but not much else. Facilities are closer, however.
  Dinghy ashore to a small beach near the park gazebo, or pass under the bridge and use the sandy beach at the corner of the municipal auditorium (best to leave your dinghy attended). From either place it is a short walk to grocery stores and other services. About a mile southwest of the anchorage is a full service marina with pumpout, fuel and water, and plenty of boutiques and restaurants immediately at hand.
  The City of Punta Gorda has officially changed the limit on anchoring in its waters (from the center line of the river to the southern shoreline) from 24 hours to five days in a 30-day period. They also revised the definition of a live-aboard vessel, easing regulation of cruising boaters. The city planners are looking into providing a dinghy dock and dumpsters for trash disposal.
  The fourth alternative is to pass under the fixed US 41 bridges, and the power lines just beyond, and head north into a large pool of 6-8 feet of water bearing about 210 degrees from the northernmost power tower and fairly close in to shore. Good cover from breezes from the northwest through northeast. Controlling depth through the bridges is 6 feet and the vertical clearance of the bridge is 45 feet. The power cable is higher.
  A raw bar, boat rental shop and motel with restaurant line the eastern shore. If you use the restaurant(s), you may bring your dinghy in to the dock (3' alongside).

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