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Doctor's Pass

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Minimum Approach Depth: 5 ft.
Depth In Anchorage: 6-9 ft.

Lat 2610.7'N / Lon 8148.6'W
Use Chart 11430 for Navigation

NOTE: the bay names used on NOAA chart 11430 are consistent with "local usage" as shown here.

Five nautical miles north of the Gordon Pass sea buoy is the Mo(A) "DP" sea buoy for Doctors Pass, a dredged and hardened channel leading east and north into a fine shelter (short stay) anchorage in Moorings Bay. As you turn north at the interior end of the pass, follow the western shore, holding to starboard the string of red marks defining the large shoal visible in the photograph.

The anchorage lies to starboard beyond red 14; a large pool surrounded by private homes. Shelter should be excellent in all winds, with only slight exposure to southerlies.

There is no immediate shoreside access here. A short dinghy ride north under the bridge (13-foot vertical clearance) into Venetian Bay will bring you to a marina catering to gas powered boats with some supplies, three elegant restaurants, and several boutiques.

A one-mile dinghy trip to the south, beyond the pass and under a bridge (9-foot vertical clearance) brings you to Hurricane Harbor Bay. Near the southern end of the bay, on the western shore, you will find Gulf Shore Square with a nice restaurant (breakfast and lunch only) and docks.

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